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Hobbling Hero

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In the Middle Ages there was a real cult of heroes. If some young guy wanted to become famous, he went in search of exploits, hoping that his name would be sung for centuries. This is what happened to our character. He was tired of living on his own farm, herding pigs and harvesting. So he armed himself with an old sword, took a homemade bow and went out onto the high road. Where will she take him? It depends on you!

In Hobbling Hero you have to explore the vast lands of a fantasy world. Yes, there is one feature – your character is slightly limping. Once upon a time, he was injured at the mill and crippled his leg. But this does not prevent him from bravely engaging in battle with a variety of monsters and completing tasks from local residents! When you reach a village, be sure to look at its streets. There you will meet NPCs who will brighten up your leisure time with stories and rumors, and also give you quests for which you will receive a reward.

As the game progresses, you can also collect resources and items, craft weapons and useful items. Surviving in this world is not easy, because it is inhabited by terrible monsters and filled with dangers. But you will definitely overcome them with the help of your skills and, of course, courage!

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