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Sandbox games where you can create your own settlement or landscape are very popular among all categories of players. And it’s no wonder since they allow you to unleash your imagination and do something grand-scale. But rare games give you an opportunity to make whole worlds! Worldbox is one of them. Here you can create not just a piece of land, but an entire planet. You can come up with the environment, flora and fauna, populate it with different races and watch it evolve on its own. Shall we begin?

Combine elements and create things!

Everything starts with the basic stuff – elements. Just four of them, but if you mix them right, you can come up with all sorts of combinations. Thus you will be filling your newly made world with all kinds of substances and things. It’s not an easy job and sometimes you’ll have to sweat before you come up with a new element. But the result is worth it! What started out as just a globe with rocks and water will gradually get filled with trees and animals, mythical beasts and even whole civilizations.

The developers have done a great job with the world. It feels the boiling of life and it’s great! You can watch how houses, settlements, kingdoms are built. Watch how orcs fight with elves, and people with a fire-breathing dragon. How wooden houses turn into castles, and fresh grass into trampled paths. Sheep, hares, cats – can breed, while maintaining a balance in quantity, eating each other. Also, with the help of a magnifying glass, you can look at the characters. Talk about peeping God!

Watch your world live, evolve and die!

The most interesting thing about Worldbox is that the planet you created will have a life of its own. The physics of the landscape is mesmerizing: pixels turn into other pixels under the influence of various natural and not very forces. The world can burn out, grow grass again in the rain, and burn out again. Trees grow in it and volcanoes rage, spreading fire around them. If you are one of those who love sandboxes without a specific goal, then you should like all this.

Or, and one more thing! If you get tired of your planet, you can simply destroy it with a great number of means, from natural disasters to nuclear weapons. It’s going to be an amazing experience with nice graphics and addicting gameplay! Start playing Worldbox online right now and learn more intricacies about making and destroying entire worlds!

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