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The world is the most mysterious and at the same time familiar place. Who created it? Why was he created? What goals and motives did its creator pursue? What place do we humans occupy in the world? And what exactly is the world? Even the wisest people will not be able to answer, because for thousands of years humanity has been trying to give at least some intelligible answer on this matter. Philosophers, geologists, ecologists, and dozens of other scientists are fighting like a fish on ice, trying to find answers to eternal questions, but there are no results. The game Planet will allow you to find the answers!

Here you can feel like god and make a new world out of nothing. Create your own planet online – populate it with natives, or maybe colonizers, curb its natural anger, put out volcanoes, learn fauna, etc. Planets can be completely different, because they are like living creatures, they have a soul. Improvise while playing and create your planet – it can be a barren land of a red giant, scorched by the deadly rays of alien invaders or a sultry star. Or create a green planet with fertile soil and water pools, where there are thousands of species of living creatures. After all, this is what will increase the gambling excitement. Build up military power, diplomatic ties, technological advances or the beauty of the flora, and then compare your results with the creations of other players.

The Planet game will be a step in your self-development and growth of abilities and will let you know if the role of God suits you? The universe is replete with an abundance of worlds, each of them has something special, find it in your planet. Great graphics and addicting gameplay will keep you glued to the screen! There are immense possibilities that you can use in your planet engineering endeavors. Give way to your imagination, turn on your creativity and make your world truly a masterpiece!

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