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  • How to play?

If you’ve ever played Heroes of Might and Magic, you’ll quickly find your way around 4KRL! As in the famous strategy, a map will unfold in front of you, in the corner of which your castle lurks inconspicuously. While it is still weak and not developed, so try to strengthen the building as soon as possible and gather an army that can protect it from enemies. And they will not keep you waiting, because at the other end of the map, exactly the same hero has already left his gate and, sitting on his horse, set off to explore the surroundings!

Every day you can go a certain way, discovering new lands, so far hidden by a veil of darkness. Along the way, you will find resources that you need to collect – they will be useful to you for new buildings. Capture sawmills, quarries and mines that produce gold and precious stones. After all, the higher the level of units that you recruit for your troops, the more their services cost.

As you progress, you can also gain experience, upgrade your hero and improve certain skills. You can make him a powerful swordsman or a talented magician, an outstanding tactician or an expert in economics. You choose which skill ratio will be optimal for your victory. Enjoy the gameplay and play 4KRL online!

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