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Age Of Pixel

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There are different types of people: give someone awesome graphics so that the character has a hair to hair and looks like in the real world. Others, lovers of nostalgia, remember their childhood and want modern arcade games to look like their earlier predecessors on Dendy or Sega. Pixel games will be a great choice for those who want to play in the past. Despite its impressive history, pixel art continues to exist as a capacious category of games, worthy of competing with the latest “live” stories. One of these games is Age of Pixels! And if you are ready to embark on a riveting and challenging city defense quest, welcome to the game!

At the beginning, you will find yourself in a calm city, which so far lives carefree and does not think about evil enemies. But they are gathering strength to seize power in your city. Therefore, you need to build a defensive structure. During construction, do not forget about preparing for a retaliatory attack. On the display panel, you can see when to expect a new wave of attack in order to fully accept it. Use various elements to build a defensive structure, which you will find in the panel located at the bottom of the playing field. Install more towers so that the enemy cannot get close to your defensive structure. Place your towers wisely, as each one is capable of warding off a specific type of enemy.

Your opponents can attack from any side and their troops will have various characteristics. Some may be immune to certain kinds of weapons, so place different types of towers close to each other. In order to install a tower, select the structure you like in the panel, then look for a suitable place on the map and drag the building with the mouse cursor to an empty place. It won’t take you a long time to figure out what to do and you will be able to fully immerse yourself in the gameplay that will surely absorb you from the very first minutes!

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