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Two-Timin Towers

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  • Description
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This entertaining game is based on the genre of tower defense, where you have to protect your base and the road leading to it from multiple waves of enemy attacks. Your task is clear: keep the foe away from your lands. Hostile forces don’t want to recognize your borders and they are heading straight to your territory to try to invade it. Fortify your lands behind the wall and organize your defenses to kill every last soldier before they approach your gates!

For this, you are going to need a lot of resources, persistence and a smart strategy. You have to collect materials and recruit your own warriors to stop the opponents. You can also put buildings or defense towers that will shoot at the enemies automatically and help you protect your stronghold. This towers come in all possible types, such as: barracks with soldiers, archers, bombers and sorcerers. Prepare for an almost unceasing massacre of hostile troops, powerful enemies, horrible monsters and other creatures that will be trying to get through your defenses.

There is a catch in the game – towers can attack not only opponents, but also your own soldiers if you lead them directly into the trajectory of fire. So draw up your battle plans, figure out what kind of defense strategy to use and gather your troops. Will you be able to successfully fight for your kingdom? Let’s play and see!

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