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Worldbox is a mobile strategy game in the god simulator genre that allows you to create worlds, populate them with various creatures and destroy them. Immediately after launch, the game throws you into a ready-made, randomly generated world. A quick tutorial will show which button does what, and you can start playing right away. With the help of a finger and various tools, you can draw seas, oceans and different types of landscapes of all shapes and sizes.

There are also a lot of randomization tools like “pixel printers” that create random bumps, and even worms, again that make random bumps. In general, the drawing system is quite convenient, there are quite a few types of landscape – sands, hills, forests, mountains, deep and shallow ocean. In addition, the game has the ability to lower or increase the temperature, the effect is limited to snow or its absence.

After creating the world, people can be settled in it. There are also Orcs, Elves and Dwarves. People are completely independent and after appearing in the world they begin to build houses and roads, then extract resources and improve everything. You can also add animals that will attack people, other animals, or just roam. You can fill the world with various monsters, which will also attack everything in a row.

There is always something going on here. What the game should be praised for is a really interesting and varied simulation. People sow some kind of grass, harvest this grass, build mines and extract resources. They fight with a dragon that can fly in and out. There is a fire mechanic, and each of the monsters is quite interesting. For example, zombies can turn people into new zombies, and chills can turn the earth into ice.

Perhaps the civilizations of humans (and other races) are the most interesting aspect of the game. Gradually people develop, their settlements increase and they form states. These states consist of several settlements and can start to fight with each other.

And finally, natural forces are available – both positive, like rain, and destructive, like lightning, fire, active volcanoes and geysers. The arsenal of destruction of the created world is replenished by a separate panel with already unnatural options like dropping a napalm bomb and other sophistications. Start playing Worldbox online right now and discover all of its perks and secrets!

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